Monday, June 10, 2013

Make Up Your Samsung S4 with Stylish Case

At first glance, you might see it as a fine piece of an expert design.
On the backside of the case, it comes with finely carbon fibre. It consist of three opening parts which are the camera lens and flash and for the sound to go through from the speaker. Just like any other Samsung case, it has Samsung logo printed out at the back of the case.

The front part is made from 2 different material. One of them is made by a textured plastic. On the inner part is a kind of fabric that suited firmly with your screen and will give extra care for your phone. At the top is an opening for the speaker and also a printed Samsung logo. They also have printed out Galaxy S4 in a stylish way at the bottom part of the case.
This case come out with different colour. For more info visit this site.

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