Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to Transfer Games From an IOS device to an Android Device (and Vice Versa)

I am sure many of us like to play Clash of Clans and Boom Beach.

Sometimes, we might had different devices with different Operating System (OS).

So, you want to continue playing on the current level without having to start all over again.

Just follow this simple steps.

1. Open your IOS mobile game. (For this tutorial, I take Clash of Clans as an example)

2. Press on Settings > Link a device > This is the OLD DEVICE > I want to link to another device.

3. You will see a secret code.

4. Now, open your mobile game on your Android phone.

5. Press on Settings > Link a device > This is the NEW DEVICE.

6. Copy the secret code that you get from your OLD DEVICE into the new one.

Enjoy your game !


  1. well I have 2 games that are not transferable but want to transfer the 2 games of Tirbez & Castles and Maritime by gameinsight they said can never be transferred like most all games I play do. So what do you suggest I can do? TY

    1. I think you need to backup your data using 3rd party software.


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